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Areas of Research

Areas of Research


Linea_investigacion_11. Development of a new mixed solar module. It uses two heat transfer fluids and get more utilities. Ir also maximizes the usable number of hours os sunshine.

Linea_investigacion_22. Development of a mixed solar module with accumulation system, it is a variant of the mixed solar module, it uses two heat transfer fluids, and a phase change material for storing heat in form of latent heat. This solar module has higher efficiency(performance) and more use of the sunlight hours.

Linea_investigacion_33. Development of a inertial tank filled with phase change material. Which produce a greater amount of heat in the same volume. It uses the pahse change material for heat accumulation in a latent form.

Linea_investigacion_4_24. Develpment of a mixed solar thermal – photovoltaic module. it is different from the other mixed modules on the market due to the use of two different heat transfer fluidics. It maximize the solar gain per unit of area(surface). This module can adapt the thermal or electrical gain to the demand.