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Valoralia I mas D: Bioprospecting and cyanobacteria

Valoralia I mas D, as a company committed to the development of new anti-infective agents, has extensive private collection of cyanobacteria.

The importance of this collection lies in cyanobacteria genetic diversity (presence of different genera and species), chemistry (isolated from different environments) and geographical (obtained worldwide), and it is continuously increasing thanks to regular bioprospecting worldwide made in collaboration with other entities. One of these campaigns was conducted in extreme environments present in the Argentinean and Chilean Andes, over 4,000 meters over sea level, in collaboration with LIMLA laboratory of CONICET.

Currently, it is conducting another bioprospecting campaign to extreme environments present in the Macaronesia (several groups of islands in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Europe and Africa, belonging to Portugal, Spain, and Cape Verde) in partnership with the Spanish Bank of Algae (BEA). The diversity of collected and isolated microorganisms would be essential for new bioactive compounds screening targeting anti-infective diseases.