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Valoralia I más D researchs into thermal solar energy and has signed an agreement with Fundación Alfonxo X El Sabio.

Valoralia I más D’s Renewable Energy department is entangled in a research project of solar thermal panels, using heat transfer fluids. The main goal is to study and improve the changed solar thermal collectors’ outputs, compared to those that can be found in the market.

To make this project, we have signed an agreement with the Fundación Alfonso X El Sabio, which promotes the University’s participation and assistance with companies, institutions, associations and single persons.

With this agreement, and to carry out the project, we have a trial installation at the Universidad Alfonso X El Sabio’s campus, where we are making several essays with our solar thermal collectors.

It is expected that these trials will give valuable results by the end of the year, when we will finally define the behavior of the studied collector.