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Valoralia I más D and the UPLGC signed a new collaboration agreement to continue for three years making joint work for R&D in biotech

Valoralia I más D and Spanish Algae Bank , which depends on the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ( ULPGC ) have more than fifteen months doing R & D work in one of the phases of the project that has been developing Valoralia I más D successfully during the last 5 years using cyanobacteria.

The project aims to isolate, cultivate and produce extracts from cyanobacteria collected in new climates or extreme environments such as those from Siberia , Macaronesia ( Azores , Canary Islands, Cape Verde , Madeira and the Savage Islands) or Amazon. After obtaining the extracts of these strains , they are dedicated to the development of prodrug molecules, patented and tested for antibacterial drugs , anti-HIV , anti herpes , antitumor and antifungal .

The synthesis of drugs of this type can last up to 15 years , as only a very small number of prodrugs can overcome all phases up to its release . Valoralia through a long process of R & D has achieved a qualitative leap using such natural microorganisms.

Valoralia I más D and the ULPGC work together sharing their banks for cyanobacterial molecules, which would be impossible without the synthesis of drugs . Within this phase of study, it is essential to identify and isolate each type of detected cyanobacteria.