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The Valoralia I más D Department of Renewable Energy are in luck. After a long period and enthusiasm to devote resources to research on solar energy, is beginning to reap the results.
The research can be summarized in a series of enhancements to conventional thermal solar collectors, with which to improve their efficiency and energy use.
The results have been highly satisfactory, so the May 13, 2014 the profit model for mixed solar collector was granted, and May 20, 2014 was published in the Official Bulletin of Industrial Property.
This mixed solar collector uses two heat transfer fluids, water and air. With this system two energy inputs (air and water) are achieved, greatly increasing performance when compared to collectors who are currently on the market. The water can be used as hot water and supporting heating, resulting in significant energy savings, and the hot air can also be used as air conditioning system.
Valoralia I más D is currently in talks with a Spanish company manufacturer of solar collectors to begin with production of this new system.