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1. VID 2.2W

This collector uses two heat transfer fluids to provide with hot water and hot air. Beside of the greater net energetic performance of this module, it can be used in a wide range os applications while keeping a similar hot water production than any other commercial module. The hot air can be used directly in two ways: as a supplement of heatin system and as air circulation/ventilation.

2. VID 2.2 PCM

This collector, just as VID 2.2W, uses two heat transfer fluids and a phase change material to accumulate heat in a latent forma. The uses of this phase change material adds the fllowing features:


    • Capacity of thermal storage.


    • Maximizes the number of usable hours os sunshine.


    • Greater stability in working tempetature.


3. VID 2.2PVT

Hybrid thermical-photovoltaic collector, generates simultaneously electric and thermal energy. It uses tow heat tranfer fluids to generate hot water, heating system, cooling and so on.


The inertial tank or hot water accumulator, keep sanitaru hot water to direct consumption. The water is heated by the heat tranfer fluid from the colar collectors through a heat exchanger immersed inside the tank. Our equipment includes a tank with heat transfer fluid that increases the amont of acumulated hot in the same volume.

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