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Valoralia I más D and Cady Ayyad Marrakesh University (UCA ) signed a cooperation agreement in biotechnology

The agreement signed yesterday in Marrakesh , is based on established cooperation agreements between Morocco and Spain signed on 14/10/1980 and 3/10/2012 in Rabat. This agreement is intended to lay the foundation for close cooperation in scientific research and development Read More

Valoralia I más D y la UPLGC prolongan su convenio por 3 años más
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Valoralia I más D and the UPLGC signed a new collaboration agreement to continue for three years making joint work for R&D in biotech

Valoralia I más D and Spanish Algae Bank , which depends on the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ( ULPGC ) have more than fifteen months doing R & D work in one of the phases of the Read More